Anthony Bogli

Web developer, Game programmer, Enthusiast thank-you for your attention


Im proficient at html, being able to make, host and create websites with a high SEO rating so that find and view by using there internet browser your content using a internet browser

Managment Skills
I am adept at management & maintaining public relations, so that your work pipeline is more efficient, and that business is viewed professionally by their clients & future clients

Full Stack Development
Is it a front end problem, is it a back end problem? is it a design problem? No matter who,what, where or what platform the issue may be, with my skillset i can fascilitate a solution to it because i know all aspects (Disclaimer: im not omnicient)

C++ // C# Programming
I use C# to create rapid prototype applications for local machines, that tends to organise data or is game derieved, C++ for more hardware related tasks like applications that port to an arduino based products, this can be useful for drone dev and other tasks

Game Development
I am able to create games using, from opengl , Unreal, Unity, Phaser for web application games and Monodevelop which is a 2D framework that can port to Android and IOS applications.

Graphic Design
Can create content for websites, brands or social media, 37% of marketers say visual marketing was the most important form of their business and 74% of social media marketers use visual assets in social media

Work pieces

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Graphic design

LGBTQA+ Agenda Logo Corporate
LGBTQA+ Agenda Logo Community
Panda Conservation Logo
Butterfly Double Exposure Logo
Vector Radio Logo
Vector Radio Logo
Cricket Club Mock Logo
Airplane Travel Logo
Mens Fashion Logo
Ski Mountain Logo 1
Fire Emblem
Ski Mountain Logo 2
Hot Air Balloon Logo
Butterfly Grafitti Logo
Retro Made with Lasers Logo
Low Poly Character Art: Jane Lane (Daria)
Low Poly Character Art: Trent Lane (Daria)
Low Poly Character Art: Quinn (Daria)


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Alot of my work is non disclosure, so i should start my hobbies again!
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Follow me online, more information will be available soon